Emu Logic  

Quality Emu products 

Emu Logic products are all produced on our farm (except for the soaps) from our own birds so you can be sure that our pure emu oil is Australian oil and meets all regulations set down by our government from animal welfare to the rendering of the oil.

Our emu oil has nothing added so you have the benefit of a pure product which a multitude of uses and can be used safely for those with sensitivities to other products.

Our soaps are made in Sydney to ensure the plain soap contains no contaminants for sensitive skin, the soap ingredients are natural plant extracts and emu oil. The lip balm has 3 natural ingredients so users have a fresh smooth product experience.

The blown emu eggs are the shells of eggs picked up each day on our farm. They are cleaned and blown with one hole in the bottom for a clean look.

Feathers and feather products are collected, cleaned, hand sorted and packaged by us so what you order you know will be what you expected. This is part of our policy that as much of the bird is used as possible.

As we are hoping to use all of the bird, we are now turning the meat into jerky. So Emu Jerky is now available at Hartey Jerky