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Our emu oil soap is long lasting in most water types and leave a smooth feeling unlike some soaps that leave you with a feeling of dryness. Our emu oil soap is made with natural plant oils and emu oil for the smooth feeling which has benefits for sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis as many people are able to use our plain all natural soap as it is free from chemicals. The tree Tea soap leaves the user with a soft clean fresh skin especially in our hot environment. Our Boronia scented soap is just a really lovely scented moisturising soap to spoil your self or someone you care for.
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range of soaps.

No Nit soap has the benefits of a selection essential oils that remove and deter the little pests with the emu oil taking the itch from the scalp with a pleasant natural smell. Use our emu oil soap instead of shampoo as a knock down and then once a week to deter, don't over rinse the hair after use that day.

Out door soap is a most effective way of cleaning up after a day out doors the essential oils like eucalyptus oil cleans the skin with the emu oil leaving a moisturised feeling. For the relief of insect attack rub a moist bar on your skin leaving the clean smell to deter the bugs.

Get rid of the itch with our emu oil Pet Soap an all natural soap made from essential oils which removes any biting pests and then deter them from returning. The emu oil then relieves the itch from the skin. Our pet soap has been used on dogs and even chooks with success. Once the animal has been washed do not over rinse but leave the pleasant smell and a little of the soap and oils on the animal to deter their return.Our emu oil soap works well on skin allergy's not associated to insects with your dogs life becoming much happy and bald patches of hair growing back. Do not use on your cat as our pet soap has Penny royal in the ingredients.

Lip Balms

Our lip balm is made from 3 natural ingredients one being emu oil leaving a soft smooth feel. It's packaged in a handy tube but don't leave in a very hot spot unless its standing up or the natural ingredients will melt and run.

I am really pleased with my emu soap. It always keeps my skin soft and not dried out as well as never having allergies and skin reactions with using it. I started off using the unscented soap and have since tried the scented one with still No reaction.

I also love the emu oil lip balms I have one everywhere one at work one in my hand bag and one easily accessible at home.It moisturises and soothes my used to be dry lips.


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