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Emu Logic emu oil is pure emu oil from our birds which live a stress free, free range life until they are processed and the oil is rendered at Baramul processing in Victoria. 

Emu Logic emu oil is a pure natural product which has no additives in any way which means it is a safe chemical free way to help you or your pets skin and joints.

Emu oil has many useful properties 

  • Vitamin E -a major antioxidant and healing agent.
  • Vitamin A- known skin repairer and antioxidant.
  • Linoleic acid- which eases muscle aches and joint pains.
  • Oleic acid-   helps with skin cell regeneration.
  • Sapogens - softens the skin.
  • Terpines- known antiseptics
  • Omega 3-6+9
Emu oil is bacteriostatic, [it grows no bacterial organisms]so can work as a complete package promoting faster healing of the skin with anti-inflammatory and cell regenerating agents for skin problems.
The anti-inflammatory effects in pure emu oil has the ability to help with swelling, stiffness in joints, bruising and muscle pains. check out our testimonials  from people that have enjoyed the benefits of our oil.
Emu Oil is an effective lubricant and massage oil. As a massage oil it is wonderful for relieving aches and stiff joints leave a lasting massage experience.
All of our oil is natural so may change slightly in color with each batch since we don't over refine our oil to keep the natural benefits as complete as regulations allow. It will thicken when cool and can have a grainy feel until it melts into your skin.  To get the oil out of the bottle when it thickens store your white bottle on their lids or in warm spot. Treat your emu oil like honey but don't micro wave it to make it run as you may over heat and destroy whats good in i, it is best to put the bottle in a warm spot be it a bowl of hot water or in you pocket until it melts

"I have found using emu oil on my wrists and hands eases the pain I was suffering constantly. Unsure how it works but it seems too

So as long as it helps with the pain I’ll keep using it. Hopefully one day it may take it away for good."

 Denyse Harte

For animals
Pure emu oil has been found to help many animals as the anti-inflammatory effects in emu oil has the ability to help  animals as it does for us. For dogs most will lick the oil off if applied to the skin this isn't a problem as a measured dose from the brown pump bottle on their food once a day aids their digestive system and boosts their immune system. Emu oil helps with healing and swelling, stiffness in joints, bruising and muscle pains. so if your dog doesn't like the taste use it as you would yourself by applying to the effected area. All our oil is human grade top quality pure emu oil so you can use it your self.
 Horses and cattle benefit from the use of pure emu oil with wound healing and that flies seem to stay away from the treated site, so it is also helpful if applied to around the eyes as fly deterrent. Pure emu oil rubbed into their joints or little added to their food can help with movement as it does for us.

To see how other people have used and found the oil has worked for there animal friends check out their testimonials.