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Quality Emu Feathers from Fine Feathers/Emu Logic

The Fine Feathers section of Emu Logic is run by Nicole. All feathers have been personally collected, sorted and washed to produce a high quality product.

All craft feathers have been hand sorted to ensure they are not broken, allowing you to create your perfect project.

The broken seconds of the craft feathers are sold for bird nest feathers, they are perfect for aviaries with small birds to make their nest from. These feathers are sterilized and are a mixture of the coarse tail feathers for structure and the soft body feathers for lining the nests with, simply scatter in the aviary and watch the birds get busy.

While emu feathers is the main focus we also have available assorted poultry feathers including guinea-fowl, duck, pheasant,and a range of chook breeds. Many of these feathers are collected from the poultry on the farm after they have moulted them (all birds moult twice a year as the seasons change, during this time the birds lose their current feathers and new ones take their place). Numbers may be limited depending on the bird and the feather, once collected the feathers are then washed to ensure they are sterile and bagged up to be used for any creative purpose from cards to fascinators.

Check out the craft and nest feathers we have available in shop and if there is something particular, or if you are after a bulk order of something please email Nicole at fine-feathers@bigpond.com.

Information on the Emu Feathers

Two Emu feathers showing the unique 2 shaft set up.
The Emu Feather is one of nature’s most unique, as it features a double plume. The Australia Emu and its relation the cassowary, are the only birds in the world that have these two feathers originating from the one quote

The quill of the Emu Feather is quite tiny and cannot be used to hold ink like goose or ostrich feathers were in the past. The feathers from the emu are very soft, as the vanes are not held together by barbs like most other bird feathers.

If you have any inquiries regarding ordering feathers, or feather products not available on the web store please don't hesitate to email Nicole using the form below.

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Dry washed emu feathers
Emu tail feather bundles drying after being washed.
Wild Finch Nest made of emu feathers
A zebra finch birds nest found in our garden, made using emu feathers.
wedding or party favours

Emu oil soap and emu feather unique party favours. Available on request, ask about options.