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Blown clean emu eggs and egg stands.

 Emu Logic emu eggs have all been collected from our farmed birds. We collect the eggs everyday while they lay between April and September. The eggs are graded by weight for hatching and the rest are washed for eating fresh or to have the contents blown out for sale. When we have enough chicks all the eggs are washed and cleaned out so that by the end of the season we have both large and medium size eggs for sale.
All of the blown eggs have one hole in the base and have been washed out to make sure your egg smells clean. 

We can supply bulk numbers for blown and fresh eggs. Fresh eggs are only available May to September but not available through our online shop due to postage issues email us at emu-logic@bigpond.com to find out more.

Fried emu egg. fresh eggs avaiable in the winter.
fried emu egg
We collect our emu eggs each day finding them can be tricky.