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Taking a tour of the Emu Logic emu farm is a unique opportunity to visit one of a limited number of emu farms open to the public in Australia. Visitors have the opportunity of viewing and interacting with some of our 900 emus. Emus lay between April and September with chicks hatching from mid July, so this is when you can see little chicks running around or if you are lucky see them hatching. At any time of the year you can meet the chicks as they grow and older emus in our farm paddocks and have the opportunity to hear and watch these wonderful birds up close. It’s a wonderful experience for people of all ages!

After touring, you can return to our homestead and visit our Homestead Farm Shop, which has a wide range of our emu products for you to purchase. You will also get to understand the huge benefits of using emu oils and soaps.

Tours cost $10 a head under 5 years are free minimum cost $25 a tour.

For small group tours can run when ever the farm shop is open if you are lucky enough we can take one or to avoid disappointment book head.

For groups over 20 people booking ahead is essential and can be arrange for most times.You can also book for a relax in the homestead gardens with a cup of tea or coffee for morning or afternoon tea or lunch all with a chance to experience emu eggs [in season] and meat as part of the eats. Our farm garden is full of unique native birds to enjoy as well as the garden.

To see what other visitors have thought of our farm check out our testimonial page or facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you!


If your looking for a place to stay close by the Tooraweenah Caravan Park is a great place

www.tooraweenahcaravanpark.com .

If your travelling the road Gilgandra to Lightning Ridge a top place to stop and spend a night or two is www.gulargambonecaravanpark.com and visit us and the Warrumbungle national 

High School Excursions:

These can be run covering:
* all of the agriculture syllabus.
* geography stage 4 interrelationships b/t environment and people.
* stage 5 difference b/t Australian communities.
* science food chains and ecosystem.
* Primary school HSIE – where does it come from.

Emu Logic, 2050 Jack Renshaw Parkway, Tooraweenah Tonderburine NSW