Emu Logic  

Quality Emu products 

Emu Logic farm shop selling everything emu from emu oil to emu eggs.

For February the emu farm shop is only open if the signs at the gate say we are open which will be most the time.

Times change through the year, so check if looking ahead of time to visit or feel free to contacts us if you wish to visit and make sure we will be open.

ph.0268254346 or

email .emu-logic@bigpond.com

The emu chicks have finished hatching but some are close to see them as they grow. Part of tours are to have your photo taken with them.


At Emu Logic, we are proud to offer a wide range of top quality emu oil products, including pure emu oil, emu oil soaps and emu oil lip balms.

Other products available are emu eggs and quality sorted emu feathers.


All of these can be purchased from our secure online store.

New and only available at the farm shop at the moment is our emu jerky.

When you tour with us you get to meet the emus from chicks to adults and experience our big birds up close .  For more information check out our tours page.
If you are after a place to film emus or other farm animals check out our film crews page.

Thank you for visiting Emu Logic  We hope you are able to find what you are looking for!